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Introductions [Mar. 12th, 2007|12:59 am]


[Current Location |chichester.]
[mood |complacentcomplacent]
[music |My thoughts.]

My name is DrTazzle, Taz, Tazzpot or Get-Away-From-Me. I would like to begin with a momentary look at Crumpets. Where do the bubbles in the pastry come from? I heard once that crumpets are not made, but born and grown like that scene in the matrix which to me looked like a collectors box for a human enthusiast. All specimens in pristine condition and still in their original packaging. I bet the collector got a pretty penny for that Keanu Reeves one. Ugh. In theory, he would have had the entire population of the earth in his collection. Which means he/she would have had McFly, Westlife, Celine Dion, Barbera Streisand, Noel Edmonds, Bob Monkhouse and Cher in his collection. Probably in an old dusty shoebox under the bed. Got given them for christmas and never touched them again probably, unless it was to run them over with life-size tanks and kill them in elaborate and hilarious army vs shithead demi-celeb wartime combat situations in which the celebs always get decimated.

Broken art deco teacups and mantlepeices litter the landscape as herds of wasps marching with a premature feeling of acheivement. Apathy is the theme for today on the vast expanse of green, green grass where the metaphors and synonyms fly free in close formation like some devine aerial acrobatics display where every starling has an agenda of their own and adds their own personality, dreams, thoughts, impulses and souls to the great swooping mass of perfectly synchronised interpretive dance in flight.

But it is where the starlings go when all is said and done, when metaphor, and philosophy and all considerations of anthropomorphic personifications manifested by a group of apparently in any situation other than swarming, diving, soaring flight, mindless creatures. How in the world does someone, when there is ONE pigeon, defecating on their car or similar, curse the pigeon for it's social faux pas when the word trespass or even it's definition is inherently human, and yet when there are a thousand pigeons all taking flight at once in the streets of Rome, creating the effect of the birds all at once flapping their wings and lifting the street beneath them as though someone were lifting a veil, for the restricted view of the road, find majesty, beauty or wondrance in the image?

It does not, by the same token, make sense that people should take any joy in humankind as a species. It has been said in many a rant such as this that we kill one another more than anything else that kills humans, and likewise we first kill, and then enquire as to the origin of anything we encounter for the first time. There is nothing on the planet that mankind has not figured out a way to kill. If there was, IT would be the dominant life on Earth and we would have a predator. But as everything is prey to us, every species edible, or pliable to our needs in life and death alike. Cows that ploughed our fields and gave us milk in life, become steak and leather in death.

As I, in life, am a citizen, writer, musician, idiot, so shall i be in death, remembered.

DrTazzle (aka: The Lone Rambler)

[User Picture]From: kirwar4face
2007-03-12 08:00 pm (UTC)
Gas bubbles from yeast, they can't escape & so die (. : .: :: :.: :::) agonizing deaths inside the crumpet.
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